Hunt Dates 2018 :         May 12 thru May 19            

                                         May 19 thru May 26             4 hunters confirmed

                                  May 26 thru June 2


Every hunter must have a HAL number to purchase a hunting license in Saskatchewan. Previously, hunters have found it impossible to purchase a non-resident hunting license from the website. We recommend obtaining your HAL number and passing the number on to us. We will purchase your license for you at the local Ministry of Environment office prior to your arrival. Saskatchewan raised license fees in 2017, currently a bear license and a 3 day fishing license will cost around $300.00 U.S.

Your HAL number can be obtained on the

Government of Saskatchewan / Environment website

 ( Click HERE for license information )

Bringing a firearm into Canada:

every firearm hunter must submit a

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form RCPM 5589 / CAFC 909.

Read and follow the instructions carefully.

These forms should be completed in triplicate before your arrival BUT,

DO NOT SIGN until instructed by a border officer.

Remember, absolutely no handguns are permitted into Canada!

 (Click HERE for firearms information )