Our journey to camp begins as we leave Saskatoon, heading north on Highway 11. The first leg of our journey takes us through the beautiful rolling farmland of Saskatchewan. Fields on either side of the highway stretch as far as the eye can see. Wheat is the major crop grown here. Soon we begin to notice the fields are dotted with areas of trees. We turn onto Highway 2 and travel through the town of Prince Albert. We begin to notice less fields and more trees the farther north we travel and soon we are entering the boreal forest commonly known as "the bush". We continue northward, traveling through what seems like endless forests, lakes, rivers, and swamps. Soon we turn on to Road 969 for the next leg of our journey. The next 90 kilometers will be on gravel road. We pass through the settlement of Montreal Lake and the farther we go, the more you realize just how remote an area we will be hunting. The last leg is 10 kilometers on the camp road.  Nestled on the shore of Malanosa Lake is our final destination.