Thunder Mountain Outfitters has exclusive hunting rites to over 280,000 acres of hills, lakes and rivers. This is rugged bush country, much of it accessible only by ATV or boat. Most traveling is done on ATVs and new trails and hunting areas are being opened each year. We make every effort to not over harvest any one particular area. A normal year finds us running 30 to 50 bait sites, with ample distance between sites in order to cover as much terrain as possible in search of those trophy sized bears. From its poplar covered ridges and pine forests to the swamps, bogs, beaver ponds, and various waterways, this pristine wilderness has a beauty that is all its own.. The area has abundant wildlife and many different species of waterfowl. Beavers, moose, ruffed grouse, and snowshoe hares are found throughout. The occasional bald eagle sighting only seems to add to the adventure. Bears are found in abundant numbers throughout the country. Black is the predominate color but about 30% of the bears are color phases, ranging from chocolate brown to cinnamon.