Weather in Saskatchewan can be very unpredictable. Temperatures may range from 20 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Hunters are encouraged to bring ample warm and cold weather clothing. We recommend  bringing a good quality rain suit. Choice of weapon is solely a personal preference; bows, crossbows, muzzle loaders, and center-fire rifles are all acceptable. We encourage everyone to bring a thermo cell or a good bug suit, the warmer the weather the more ferocious the mosquitos and black flies can be. A good tree stand harness is a must. Camouflage clothing is recommended for bow hunters BUT, if you are rifle hunting, you are required by law to wear a white, red, or blaze orange jacket or vest plus an orange or red hat. You will definitely want to bring a good quality camera, still and /or video, to record the many memories you will make during the week. You also may want to bring your fishing gear, there can be some terrific northern pike fishing depending on the weather and spawning activity in the lakes and rivers. ( a three day fishing license can be purchased for a nominal fee ) Don’t forget to bring your own personal items along with sleeping bag or linens, pillow, and towels.